Our building protection & sealing products have supported the building materials industry for 50 years.

For almost five decades water-proofing and seals has been the expertise of our company. What started out as the manufacture of bituminous sealants, today encompasses a comprehensive portfolio of premium quality products with applications worldwide: compound seals under ceramic coverings, base water-proofing for insulation compound systems and timber constructions as well as water-proofing of structures.

As a reliable and valued partner of the building materials industry we develop efficient system solutions that not only fulfill individual expectations but also the high expectations and wishes of our private label customers. Our products prevent moisture damage such as mold formation, moisture penetration and unnecessary heat loss due to air leaks.

Our wetroom systems meet national requirements by law and could get CE marked based on the harmonized standard EN 14891 and ETAG 022 Part I and II (ETA).