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Kaubit Horizontal Stop

Thin, solvent-free preparation for sealing against rising moisture in mineral building materials. The sealed area is rendered hydrophobic and solidified at the same time. For pressurized or pressureless injection using the borehole method.

Kaubit Bounding Emulsion Concentrate

Saponification-stable dispersion to increase the adhesive tensile strength, abrasion resistance and water retention capacity of mortar and concrete. Addition reduces lime efflorescence and increases frost resistance. Also for use as a primer for surface treatment, material can be diluted with water.

Kaubit Roll Adhesive

Ready-to-use, dispersion adhesive for bonding materials made of wood, metal and various plastics. For bonding decoupling and insulation underlays.

Kaubit PVC Adhesive

Easily processable, quick-setting dispersion adhesive with excellent adhesion properties. For laying PVC and vinyl coverings. The high initial adhesion and rapid strength development prevent the laid coverings from slipping.

Kaubit Joint Paint

Water- and dirt-repellent joint paint for the visual refreshment or tinting of mortar joints between tiles in wetrooms.

Kaubit Salt Binder

Aqueous fluate solution with added wetting agent, solvent-free. Mineralization of building-damaging salts, blocking and consolidation of the subsoil, stops rotting and makes biological settlement more difficult. To neutralize building-damaging salts in order to be able to use a sealing slurry afterwards.

Kaubit Acrylic Floor Coating

Single-component, solvent-free and weather-resistant acrylic dispersion for medium loads. Suitable for floors in storage rooms, balconies and terraces.

Kaubit FA Sealing Tape NG 300

Flexible NBR rubber sealing tape reinforced with fine fabric mesh for expansion joints. Connection joints at risk of cracking from horizontal sealing surfaces to vertical surfaces.

Kaubit FA Sealing Tape XP 100 / 200 / 250

Flexible sealing tape made of uncoated NBR rubber for sealing expansion joints. The double-row hole punching on the sides increases the adhesive bond to the substrate and promotes faster hardening of the adhesive.

Kaubit FA Sealing Tape NVV 200 / 250 / 500

Flexible NBR sealing tape, fleece-coated on both sides, for sealing expansion joints as well as transition areas in building waterproofing in contact with the ground in connection with flexible sealing slurries and thick bitumen coatings.